Dominik Dierkes

 About us

The DD-Compound company was founded in 2009 by myself, Dominik Dierkes. I have had an interest in extraordinary materials since my early youth. To me, carbon always was and still is one of the most fascinating materials.

At the age of 14, I began manufacturing my first parts made of carbon (image of moped compressor). I produced my first parts in the manual lamination process, however I was not impressed by the procedure.

It was impossible to work in a clean manner when using the manual lamination process. After I made two parts, I lost interest in manual lamination and I pondered how it would be possible to work in a cleaner manner while simultaneously achieving better results. After performing some research in literature, at the time the Internet was still in its infancy, the infusion method seemed useful to me.

It was a long road with many experiences.

During my studies, I became a member of the Ignition Racing Team. There, the infusion process was used for the production of the CFRP monocoque.

The idea was to manufacture the monocoque completely with all reinforcements, inserts and in a sandwich construction in one shot. At this point, a number of problems arose for which a solution had to be found.

The solution was the use of a suction line that allows air to pass through but not resin. A line was developed that met this requirement.

The results were so good that I developed this line further and can now offer you the MTI line so you can also benefit from its advantages.

I describe the DD-Compound company as an innovative enterprise. I have set myself the goal to continuously develop new innovative products that both make the process safer as well as more efficient. This desire for improvement is my drive, and at the same time, your benefit when we advise you.

In racing, seemingly impossible things are achieved through hard work and passion. These are the things that drive me.